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Sharian Story: Chapter 8
Shari hurried down the path to market, eager to be finished.  If nothing else, finishing in record time meant that he could dawdle wherever he liked instead of following Gaelys' strict list of orders.  It also meant that he might get the chance to visit with…friends.
Grinning, Shari entered the marketplace.  The tables and carts crowded next to each other on the narrow street, each calling out the benefits of their wares to passerby.  He saw the other girls his age, smiled, chatted, all that was expected of him and a little extra.  He enjoyed to bashful glances, the batting eyes, even as he paid for his purchases.  The men he planned to talk with later would laugh and joke that he was too young to be able to flirt, but he knew they were jealous of him. For some reason or another, girls seemed to respond to him.
It wasn't the talking that he hated about going to market.  It wasn't the mild flirtations, or even th
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Sharian Story: Chapter 7
"Good, Sharian! Very good!" Gaelys called.  The sixteen-year-old boy could barely hear him from the tops of the trees.  He peered down through the branches and managed to spot his teacher below.
"I did it right, then?" he replied, referring to the burst of wind he had released to reach these heights.  "I didn't veer any one way?"
With the way he had forced his eyesight to advance, he watched Gaelys nod eagerly.  "You did it excellently, boy!  Now come back down, carefully!" The man even had a smile on his face, a welcome rarity. Shari took this as a promise of warm food.
"I'm coming!" With a grin of his own, Shari coaxed the tree into bending down for him and stepped off at Gaelys' side.  "Careful enough for you?"
Gaelys chuckled and looped his arm over his shoulders. "Come along.  I'll fix you some tea…and perhaps cook some chicken."
"How did you get chicken?  It's expensive!"
"I didn't steal i
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Sharian Story: Chapter 6
Shari sat in the hall, his knees pulled up to his chin, and waited.  When Gaelys finally came out of the sick room, the boy looked up at him and tried his best to look apologetic.  Really, he was horrified with himself.  "How's your hand?" he managed.
"Gone," Gaelys answered.  "But that's of little importance.  Come along.  I have to talk to you."
"Can I go say hello to my sister?"  He cast his eyes back to his knees as Gaelys' expression softened.  "I just want to see her once before we go anywhere.  I swear I'll behave.  I need to know that she's better."
"Sharian…I'm not sure if that's best.  Come with me, and I'll explain something to you."  Gaelys pulled the boy to his feet with his remaining hand.  Shari didn't like the look in his eyes. It was too soft, too gentle.  No one had looked at him with those eyes before.
Still, he followed Gae
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Sharian Story: Chapter 5
Days later, Shari still wasn't allowed to see his sister.  He convinced Gaelys, the magic man, to let him talk with her through the door.  It wasn't enough, but it was better than nothing.  She always swore that she was feeling better, and so he ignored the fact that her voice was getting smaller and smaller each day.
Gaelys had also decided to teach him to control his magic.  "You tend to use elemental magic," he had told him.  "I'm surprised you haven't hurt yourself by now.  Elemental magic is extremely difficult to control.  You might just be a luminary.  Or…a luminary in the making."
Every time Shari had asked what a luminary was, Gaelys would ruffle his hair and refuse to answer him.
On their seventh day in the house, Gaelys was having Shari make the flame of a candle wick dance.  This was especially hard for him.  He had never seen the kinds of dancers Gaelys wanted represent
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I've started working on a new novel. It will require a great deal of research, but I'm hoping to start an FAQ on my page. I accept anonymous asks and submissions. Here's a quick introduction:

Atlantis: Before the Great Sink is a young adult novel about the princess Nikoleta and her siblings. This is Atlantis in its glory days, full of wealth, peace—and its own set of problems.

Nikoleta, as a princess, is expected to marry and continue the royal lineage. But when she falls in love with a fisherman's daughter, her own desires begin to outweigh her loyalty to her father and her people.

Miltiades is the only prince in this royal family and is expected to inherit the throne. However, he feels that his father doesn't trust him, and he will do anything to earn his respect.

Piro, the youngest of the three, is a woman with Down's syndrome. But without the knowledge of today's medicine, she is considered cursed and ill-abled. Many of her people think she should have been left to die, like any other child with a disability. Piro must show her family and others that she is capable of living for herself, before living for herself isn't an option anymore.

Please take the time to go visit the page and, if you have a Tumblr, follow it! Every follow helps. Thanks! :)


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